Unique Keyword Rich Content Is Best SEO

Writing Article Marketing Content With Love

SEO for keywords and content is relatively easy. Choose your keyword. Write content around that keyword. Use an SEO optimizer program to make sure you have done it right. I use http://keyworddensity.online-marketing-solutions.com/ to check the keyword density of my written content.

Write keyword rich content with love. The readers deserve it!

Here Are A Few Tips For SEO Optimization:
  • Rule number one: Don't cheat Google, no black hat SEO! Content for article marketing has to be written with love. The content isn't just for SEO, it's also for building your reputation as a successful author.
  • Be focused in your meta keywords - 1 to 3 SEO optimized keywords in your content is enough.
  • Put your keyword at the beginning of your page title tag.
  • Make sure your keyword appears in the alt tag for images and in link text, but no more than 3 times.
  • Put your keyword in bold.
  • Put your keyword in the H1 section of your page, and H2 if you can.
  • Have a keyword weigh in your article between 3-6% (higher is "keyword spamming").
SEO For Domain Names
  • The Nike.com example: Since the keyword weight is 0%, how does Nike.com get to billing when you search for them? Easy, Google gives a rank weight to domain names.
  • Make sure your primary domain name reflects the main purpose of your content (domain SEO). May be you even consider to buy a great domain name that has your keyword in it. A site, for example, is all about my desire to "retire with millions". The site is subdivided in to many SEO optimized sub-domains each with a URL that denotes the sections. For example, all my SEO articles are in a sub-directory called ../seo.

Keyword Rich Content For Google PR

A lot of keyword rich content has been written about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for Google. Google is the largest search engine (for now) and getting your SEO right for the Googlebot can make your site a top ten site getting millions of hits a day. On the other hand, bad written content or poor SEO and your site may never be ranked and your campaigns for Adsence will never net you any real money. Even worse, bad SEO might mean that your cutting edge product is un-findable by your customers.

Google page rank is determined by a number of factors:

  • SEO keywords
  • SEO content
  • SEO domain name with the main keyword in it
  • Originality of content
  • Number of links from external sites
  • SEO keywords and SEO content will be dealt with in another article, lets focus on the other two for now.

Original Keyword Rich Content

Having original keyword rich content on your site is a no-brainer. It is the "why" that escapes many SEO web content developers. We have all seen the ads promising "150'000 Adsense and SEO optimized pages".

If it were this easy, all of us would be multi-millionaires by now. The reality is, Googlebot applies a penalty for non-original content, no matter how SEO you might think the page is. Think about it - why does "Nike.com" come up number 1 when you type Nike into Google? You or I could probably write a better SEO page about Nike than Nike.com. In fact, Nike.com keyword density for "Nike" is 0%!!!

Links From External Sites

Google takes into account the number of links you have from external sites. Each link is like a "vote" for your site. Before you go and sign up for a link exchange program, consider this, some links do not count, in fact, being a "link spammer" can kill your ranking, no matter how good your SEO.

There are ways to generate quality back links:

  • Create a blog on blogspot.com (a Google Site) and write content with the sites main keywords in it about your web page - include properly formatted links.
  • Join blogs on respected sites and comment on articles, putting your URL in your signature.
  • Submit original, unique SEO content to PR3 or higher article directories or e-zines.
  • Write "press releases" when you update your site and post them on the free press release sites around the web.
  • Take out classified ads in respected on-line newspapers.
  • Make small donations to charity sites that keep a "Thank You" page and include your web site with your name.

These are just some tips to compliment your SEO work to get a good Google ranking.

Sophisticated Software Rewrites The Content And PreservsThe Keyword Density

Is it not very time consuming to rewrite original, keyword rich unique content for each and every blog or e-zine you want to publish at? - Yes it is. May be you have to write and rewrite the same content in dozens of versions. And the versions have to be less than 50% similar to each other to be recognized as unique by the Google bot.

But we are lucky that there exist tools out there that will  save us a lot of time. The so called spinning software does the rewriting of the first article in a way, that original, unique content for dozens of unique postings will be available within minutes. You can determine your keywords and they will not be altered to preserve the keyword density. A yearly fee has to be paid for most of this software solutions.

Now an even more sophisticated software is available! I've never had a spinner that was so easily to use and that produced such great, almost perfect results! This software brings content spinning to a higher level. The Standard version is free – and UNLIMITED - for all users. Additionally the standard version is better than other paid software. Upgrade only if and when you choose to. And even those upgrades are not billed on a yearly basis, but there is just an affordable one time payment. Try it for free! Unlimited! Here you go to your keyword preserving content rewriting solution!


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