Doing crazy things in a full moon night.

At full moon, I do sometimes really crazy things!

I'm on a free trial with VideoScribe and this is my first VideoScribe video. With VideoScribe it's easy and fun to create videos that develop ideas in front of the audience.
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What you can do with VideoScribe?

Creating educational or markting material has never been so easy! Scribe videos enhance every campaign.VideoScribe gives you a tool to explain the markets, statistics, products and services without the need to hire a professional. VideoScribe is unique and outstanding. Let's watch the short and easy to understand tutorials to get an idea about the versatility and quickness of this useful software:

Tutorial 1 is about creating the first scribe

Tutorial 1 is explaining how to navigate, how to chose pictures and music, how setup the draw time and how to render the videos.

Tutorial 2 goes a bit deeper

Tutorial 2 is dealing with features like moving around with the camera, how to import pictures and rotating them. Part of the tutorial 2 is dealing with the "move in" function.

Tutorial 3 is about advanced topics

This whole tutorial 3 is about making your videos amazing. This video covers a lot of topics:
  • Changing the paper options
  • Implementing another hand and adjusting the properties
  • Importing fonts
  • Use of filters
  • Morphing
  • Rendering and exporting the scribes


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