Why do you think, you can make money online?

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This article is for the 95% of people who try to make money online, but never earn a dime. Yes, it is true. 95% of the people, who are dreaming of making money online, fail due to their own inactivity.

It would be easy to make money online, 
if everybody would do his job right. 

Free Tire Kickers

A free tire kicker that joins every opportunity, but does not promote and not upgrade, will never earn a dime. Why do these people join? To feel good for a short moment? To dream about being rich? These people will dream their whole life long. But their dreams will never come true. 

Like in the real world, making money online means to work. It means to execute simple tasks. It means to do the right things right.

In the second part of this article, I will show you the 10,868 simple and easy tasks that guarantee to make money online. You will shake your head in disbelieve, but making money online is so simple, everybody can do it. The question is, why don't people do the necessary tasks that lead with certainty to success? 

How To Fail Making Money Online

Is it that difficult to do easy steps right? Is lethargy that widespread that 95% of interested people cannot bring themselves to do the necessary easy steps? 

Do these people have a plan? A goal without a plan is just a wish. A wish does not trigger any activity. A wish is good for dreaming, but not for achieving real results. If your wish turns into a strong desire, it may be that you start thinking about how to make that desire come true. Thinking about does not yet mean that you already know how to achieve. If it is your dream, to earn money online and you are ready to do the necessary steps, it may still be that you don't know what the necessary steps are. Therefore you have to learn the essential knowledge of making money online. 

Success Factors

A business has to be easy, simple, profitable and you have to know the success factors. If you join such a business and if you do the 10,868 easy steps right, then you will earn money guaranteed

The 10,868 easy steps to success 

Let's get straight to the point:
The two tasks you have to do right: 
  1. Promote your business constantly
  2. Upgrade from level to level before your downline does
Did you know, that it is that easy to earn money online? Just don't do one of these necessary steps and you fail guaranteed. If you keep doing both steps continuously, you will succeed for sure. It is unavoidable that you succeed. 

The above tasks are the first two easy steps to success. And what about the others 10,866 easy steps? Very simple, do the two necessary steps 10,866 more times and you make money online, more than you ever imagined!


  1. To answer your question, if others can I can do it too 😊

  2. Yve, you are very right! You got the point! Congratulations!


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