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Top Tier Mailer Relaunch - It is a Viral List Builder Now

Hi friend. Did you already know about the wonderful transformation of Top Tier Mailer into a viral list builder? Top Tier Mailer was an ordinary mailer before, just average, not too successful. Even as an upgraded member, I was not motivated to use it regularly. However, things changed a lot at Top Tier Mailer! Check it out, the brand new Top Tier Mailer! Top Tier Mailer joined the “Your Viral” network. This is a network of sites, which are very efficient in list building.  I was very surprised when I accidentally logged in to Top Tier Mailer a few days ago. It is a completely new site! It is much more than just a mailer! It is an effective list builder!  Proof that this list builder is very efficient! When logging in to Top Tier Mailer, I recognized immediately that they added eight new members to my list! I did not acquire them myself. I was completely passive. I got these new list members added by the system! The “Your Viral” network does a lot of adverti