Top Tier Mailer Relaunch - It is a Viral List Builder Now

Hi friend.

Did you already know about the wonderful transformation of Top Tier Mailer into a viral list builder?

Top Tier Mailer was an ordinary mailer before, just average, not too successful. Even as an upgraded member, I was not motivated to use it regularly. However, things changed a lot at Top Tier Mailer!

Check it out, the brand new Top Tier Mailer!

Top Tier Mailer joined the “Your Viral” network. This is a network of sites, which are very efficient in list building.
I was very surprised when I accidentally logged in to Top Tier Mailer a few days ago. It is a completely new site! It is much more than just a mailer! It is an effective list builder! 

Proof that this list builder is very efficient!

When logging in to Top Tier Mailer, I recognized immediately that they added eight new members to my list! I did not acquire them myself. I was completely passive. I got these new list members added by the system! The “Your Viral” network does a lot of advertising for growing its network, and they deliver all the referrals to the upgraded members of the partner sites! While I did nothing at all, they grew my list! How cool is that?
I was very excited to see all these referrals delivered through the system!

The two ways to become an upgraded member

How to switch on this delivery of new members to your account? It is easy: just upgrade your account. 

Depending on where persons live and on their financial situation, not everybody can take the easy way and pay for the upgrade. 

However, there is a second way. You can upgrade without using money. If you pass up five of your self-acquired referrals to your sponsor, you will get that important lifetime upgrade free. I know no other site that gives away upgrades without taking money. 

Top Tier Mailer is a true viral list builder!

I am very excited. I just started to promote Top Tier Mailer half an hour ago! With Top Tier Mailer, I will achieve the desired results! With the relaunch of Top Tier Mailer, Matthew Graves has really made the big hit. 
I received eight list members and I already generated five visitors to the landing page. 

I already got five visitors on the landing page. Much more will follow.When I grow my list myself and with the help of the owner, I will achieve my goals for sure!

I can only recommend to join this outstanding list builder! 

If you need more information, just go to this blog:
Achieve Your Goals

See you at the inside! 

Ernst Dittmar
Online Marketer


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