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How To Succeed with Online Marketing

Marketing is not a onetime thing. Nor is bathing. Therefore, it is recommended to do both of them daily. Repetition is the key to success. 

How to advertise an online business?

Email marketing, banner ads, text ads, back links, search traffic, blog posts, ad boards, just to name a few different ad types. However, to use different kind of ads can be quite costly. The price of an ad depends on the number of views. As an ad must be published over a longer time period for creating sales, recurring monthly fees have to be paid. No problem for huge companies. However, small businesses and home businesses usually have to stay within a much smaller budget.

Is there a solution?

Is there a solution? Is it possible to advertise an online business with high performance ads for a very low onetime payment? Is efficient low cost marketing just a dream or does it exist in reality?

The reality of low cost marketing 

There exists an ad site that not only asks for a low onetime fee of $7 only, but delivers high performance results! 

Only insiders know about this site and new members can only join by invitation. What this site offers for the low amount of $7 is out of this world.

What you get for a low onetime payment of $7 only: 
  • recurring text ads
  • recurring banner ads
  • recurring posts to the ad board
  • recurring solo emails
  • a personal blog  
These are so far the traditional advertising tools at Leased Ad Space. Every month, you get additional ad impressions credited. No monthly fees! It is all included in the low onetime payment of $7! But that's not all. The real power lays in the system.

Leased Ad Space is the goose that lays golden eggs

The real power of Leased Ad Space lays far behind these advertising tools. Most advertising sites out there, such as mailers and banner exchages, show your ads to other members of the site only. The good thing of such sites is that your ad gets seen by fellow marketers. However, most of them are not looking for a new business, but want that you join their's.

At Leased Ad Space, ads are also viewed by members of the site, like on many others ad sites. Additionally, the ads are also exposed to an audience outside of the site. Just read my first blog post in my personal blog, in which I introduce myself. This blog post can be reached by a referral link from any page on the web. Additionally, my personal blog is listed in search engines and gets some search traffic from there. Also my posts to the ad board are listed by search engines and get some search traffic. The solo emails are not only sent to the members that accept such promo emails. Furthermore, solo emails are published in the ad blog and are listed by search engines too.

I have already written above that marketing is something that has to be done daily. Imagine that you write a post for your personal blog and an ad board post daily, this makes two posts per day, which makes 730 posts per year.

Leased Ad Space provides statistics about the number of views for each ad board post. I am a new member at Leased Ad Space and therefore the numbers of views per post are still relatively low. I expect far more views in a full year. Let's assume that each post will be viewed an average of thirty times per year multiplied with 730 makes a total of 21'900 views per year.

Next year, these posts will continue to create 21'900 views per year and your 730 posts you will create next year have to be added. You will get a total of 43'800 views next year. Additionally, through all the posts you add daily, search engines may think that your content is accureate and they will give your posts a higher ranking. It may even be that your posts attract even more than 43'800 views due to the higher ranking.

Backlink building

All these posts with a link to your landing page make the search engines think that your landing page is an important page that should be listed in front of others. Once your landing page is listed on one of the first three pages of search results, search traffic to your landing page will increase dramatically. This is the real power of this $7 Leased Ad Space! Remember, marketing has to be done daily! Those who are really dedicated to their business will enjoy success and many sales.

This is your invitation to join Leased Ad Space. We would enjoy to welcome you as a valued member of our community at the inside.
Successful marketers who make money online. 


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