Review of the FuturoCoin from the user's perspective

More than a year ago, the FuturoCoin was launched. In the course of the year, the infrastructure of the Futurocoin was massively expanded. We constantly saw announcements and extensions. Futurocoin will become one of the big coins. This article is about the short term and the long term outlook of the Futurocoin.

Looking back on an eventful year.

On January 31, 2018, FuturoCoin started its blockchain and the Blockchain Explorer. Blockchain Explorer is a web tool providing insight information of all existing FuturoCoin blocks, addresses and transactions. 

Futurocoin is a promising cryptocurrency.

On February 6, 2018, the first mining pool supporting FuturoCoin started.

On February 7, 2018, the first exchange listed FuturoCoin. Today, it is one of the exchanges with a high trading volume and a good liquidity.

On March 26, 2018, testing of the game "Coin of Mine" started.

Since April 18, 2018, FuturoCoin is listed on the exchange. Coindeal is one of the best exhanges with great chart tools for techinical analysis. It is my favorite. FuturoCoin is listed on ten exchanges nowadays. 

On April 24, 2018, testing of the FuturoCoin wallet started.

 On May 1, 2018 the heighest traded FuturoCoin volume was 3250 BTC. 

FNWallet is available since Mai 8, 2018.

On June 20, 2018, Electrum and paper wallet are ready to launch.

June 28, 2018. The Beta version of the game "Coin of Mine" goes live! "Coin of Mine" is a mobile game. Go out and find FuturoCoins and other cryptocurrencies in the real world! (The Beta version does not yet deliver the coins to your account.) 

August 27: Futuro Dice goes live. Try your luck and try to win some cryptocurrencies.

Customers laoding their FuturoCoin wallet or withdrawing money at the FuturoCoin ATM in the Aurelio Restaurant.

September 3, 2018. The first FuturoCoin ATM was installed at the FN Café and Aurelio Restaurant.

Truly a great development for a brand new coin.

Get more info here: FuturoCoin

FuturoCoin's team is building the coin's infrastructur faster, more complete and in a great quality. In 2019, FuturoCoin will get more improvments and new features. Additionally, more places will accept FuturoCoin and therefore, more people will buy the FTO and use it for buying in shops and for international money transfer. On the long term, its value will climb to unexpected highs due to high demand.


The CEOs have big plans for the FuturoCoin. The timeline of important new features and launches will also grow in 2019. We are looking forward to an interesting, profitable and enjoyable year.

FuturoCoin has become an official partner of the Aston Martin Red Bull Racing team for Formula One. There is no doubt that FuturoCoin will be a success story in the long run! 


FuturoCoin is affected by the FutureNet 2.0 upgrade

This FutureNet 2.0 upgrade is a huge step forward in the busines of the FutureNet Club. 

However, there are a few reasons, why the price of the FuturoCoin may temporarily drop in the next few months. FuturoCoin's team is building the coin's infrastructur faster, more complete and in a better quality. Right now, FutureNet Club is implementing its new platform 2,0. This is a huge project as the whole software will be renewed and replaced. All business sectors are affected from this upgrade:

FutureNet Club,

Future Ad Pro 2.0,


Futuro Network,

and FuturoCoin.

Furthermore, the IT provider has currenty a problem and therefore, the websites are often very slow or don't work at all in these days. 

These actually slow websites are an obstacle in the communication between the company and the members of FutureNet. This huge upgrade causes some turbulences right now. 

Additionally, on the FuturoCoin website, there was a change in the timeline. New things to come soon disappeard from the timeline and are no more listed. This causes some irritations among the members of the FutureNet Club.

FTO/EUR chart Okt 2018 - Feb 2019

For these above mentioned reasons, I expect a speculation driven drop in the price of the FuturoCoin in the short term. I guess, the FuturoCoin will drop from todays € 4 down to approx. € 2 within the weeks to come. Any price level below two Euros is a welcome buying opportunity. I don't think we will see such low prices for the FuturoCoin again in the future. I'll buy a heavy load of cheap FuturoCoins, if the price falls below € 2. I will profit from rising prices in the future. 

Expanded version of the chart with the downward channel.

This short term chart shows the actual downward channel of the FTO/EUR pair. The support level of € 4 is already broken. Only at € 2.60 comes the next support line. This support will temporarily halt and delay the downward movement. Another support line is € 2.06. I will buy cheap Futurocoins at any price below €2. (This is not a recommendation. It is just an explenation, how I estimate the further development of the FTO. Please do your own research and make your own decisions.)

The FuturoCoin mobile payment application and its influence on the price of the FuturoCoin

The FuturoCoin payment application will be implemented step by step in the years to come. The more acceptance places there are, the more people will use this valueble coin. The more people are using FuturoCoin, the higher it's price will be. It is that simple. If you don't buy cheap FuturoCoins now, you will regret in the future. What, if you bought 10'000 Bitcoins for a pizza in the year 2009? There will hopefully happen the same increase of value with this brand new FuturoCoin. The preconditions are perfect. 

Imagine, you buy 2'000 cheap FuturoCoins now and in ten years, one FuturoCoin can be worth 1'000 Euros. How will your life look like in ten years?

 I trust cryptocurrencies more than the government's fiat-money.

Is your trading account ready for the FuturoCoin?

What kind of infrastructure do you need for the FuturoCoin? 

Golden Life with Futurocoin

It is a little bit exhausting to put everything in place for being ready to handle the FuturoCoin or any other cryptocurrency.

There are good reasons for signing up with two crypto exchanges.
Personally, I signed up with Coindeal because the Euro-account at Coindeal is easy to fund. Just send money with SEPA or Non-SEPA bankwire. They also accept VISA and dotpay credit cards through BuyCoinNow
Additionally, I signed up with Yobit was the first exchange to list the FuturoCoin. It is a very liquid marketplace and the price range is narrower than on many other exchanges. However, they do not accept bank wire. There is a choice of four exchanges for buying US-Dollars or Bitcoins by credit-card. 

It will take some time to verify your citizenship, personal data, home address, bank account, mobile phone and credit card. Be prepared uploading some documents several times, if they don't match their quality requirements. 

Once my account was fully verified, I transferred my FuturoCoins from my FNWallet to my Coindeal wallet. It is easier to send and receive FuturoCoins with the Coindeal wallet than with the FNWallet.

Let's go!

Now, everything was ready and I started trading. I also earned some money on this day with arbitrage. I will  explain  this arbitrage thing in one of my next blog articles.


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